Geometric Chandelier

Geometric Chandelier

Our Home Decor is created using sustainable timber

To start a piece, such as our Geometric Chandelier No.1, we go from concept to design to production, selecting the right timber and materials to produce a high quality and sustainable product.

Our Geometric range features exclusively Birch Plywood, which is a strong, light and highly sustainable material. Sustainability helps to protect our global forests and the environment.

Concept - Geometric Chandelier

This Chandelier No.1 design is based on the concept of a black hole! The outer ring representing the event horizon where any movement inwards is subjected to the ever increasing pull of gravity with beautiful curves flowing inward toward the center of the light! The Chandelier's radiant light is also divided into 24 segments to represent the hours in our day and one rotation of the earth.

Design Process and Production

3D modelling software is used to design and mold the overall shape based on the designers vision. The shape is then segmented into its core components allowing each part to be precision cut, hand finished and then assembly like a 3D puzzle.



A hybrid production process with computer controlled precision cut parts with hand finishing and carefully hand assembly. The wood is left raw for a natural feel and produces a subtle but gorgeous birch wood aroma when it is heated by the light!

All of our Chandelier's are designed to weigh under 3kg and will fit straight onto a standard ceiling light fitting!

The finished product...

Providing beautiful radial ambiance to any room!