Furniture Care

Your furniture in its new home...


The best way to look after new wooden furniture is to allow a short period for it to settle in its new environment. This means ideally not placing it immediately in direct sunlight, near high heat sources or in areas of high moisture. 


Our furniture items are made using mild steel. All our steel items are cleaned and a protective oil finish is applied before they leave the workshop. This dries to a clear, hard satin finish. For indoor items, no further steel care is required. 

Under normal circumstances, in a dry indoor environment steel corrosion should be an issue.

If any rust should develop, it can very simply be sanded down lightly and the recommended treatment used to re-protect it. We do not recommend any indoor steel item being used outdoors. 

Please contact us if you are unsure about what finishing products to use. 

Do not use harsh cleaning products on any steel items as this can remove any finish coating. 


Our furniture contains wooden parts. Generally, the wood will be finished to a standard that provides protection for its intended use (i.e. for indoor or outdoor). 

If the wood becomes dented or scratched curing use, it can be very simply repaired by sanding down the area affected and then applying the recommended furniture oil, wax, or varnish as applicable. 

We recommend any oiled or waxed furniture is re-treated at least once during its first 6 month of use and then every 12 months thereafter. 

Please contact us if you are unsure about what finishing products to use. 

The furniture is designed to be 'in use'. However, using coasters and place mats can minimise any staining occurring on the woods surface. 

Do not use harsh cleaning products on any wood items as this can cause staining. 


Our metal furniture is designed to sit level and flat and we usually supply our steel furniture with adjustable leveling feet. Unfortunately, not all floors are flat!

The adjustable leveling feet allow you to give a simple hand adjustment to let the furniture sit perfectly level in its new location.